Golf Equipment Shopping Bonanza

May 6, 2016

golf-driving-rangeThis year I started playing golf. I was invited to the driving range with a mate back in December last year and immediately got into the challenge of getting the ball into the air – a task that is much harder than it looks. My many years of playing hockey certainly helped but it still takes some getting used to hitting a golf ball.

By the end of the session I was pretty good at getting the ball airborne but useless at directing it towards the target – something that is relatively key in golf!

After a few more lessons with my mate at the range I could sense that I was getting pretty good and decided I was ready to take my skills to the course. Suffice to say it was probably a little early. I think I nearly killed a golfing patron when I shanked my second of the 1st hole.

Things steadily improved though and by the end of the round I had actually scored a par!!!

Well, I have been hooked on the game since and this weekend I went a little nuts and splashed out on some new gear. I’ve bought a brand new standing golf bag, a set of shiny new irons and a great big bloody driver! It’s actually called a Great Big Bertha! man can I hit the screws out of this thing.

Now that I’m all kitted and looking the part I have decided to bite the bullet and join my local club. All I need now is a handicap and I will officially be a golfer!

Quick shout out to the guys ad gals at Golf Assessor for sorting me out with gear. The reviews and recommendations where really helpful.

I look forward to seeing the chaps from the driving range on the course this weekend – planning to break 90 so you better have your A game on.

Yours in golf! Laters!