Getting the right golf balls for my game

June 29, 2016

golf-balls-beginnersThe other day I decided I want to take up golf. All my mates have been talking about it and how much fun they have and all that jazz. Well I said I am going to give it a bash and actually get out the house for a change rather than sitting in front of the television all day. Surely golf can’t be that great and from what I hear only old people play golf!? It’s not a ‘young’ man’s sport! Let me find out for myself what the story is.

I drove to my nearest golf store and went to have a look at all the equipment on offer. Everything except actual golf balls of course. I don’t know how that’s possible to forget that considering that is what actually makes golf golf! After getting back home I decided I was not going to get in my car again so rather I googled “golf balls for beginners” and found this review. Now bear in mind in mind I had NO CLUE as to what kind of golf ball is best for me and whether hard or soft was best. Well Golf Assessor (see: // helped me tremendously by simplifying my process and within minutes I knew exactly what I wanted – and I haven’t even hit a golf ball yet. In my life. Ever!

Anyway true as Bob I set off to the driving range the next day in absolutely beautiful weather. Not a cloud in the sky and not a breath of wind. Hearing the birds tweeting in the trees alongside the tee box. Man I can get used to this! And would you know it, I am now the biggest golf fan out there and already a Tiger Woods fan. Even though he hardly even plays golf anymore! I bought 100 driving range balls to whack away into the blue yonder and I’ll be honest. About 90 of them were ‘whacked’ away into the blue water right in front of the practice tee, but. BUT. The other 10 I somehow found the clubface and only one of those the center of the clubface. And boy oh boy is this game all the better when you strike it! It makes me want to come back and try again the next day. Try and make it 5 or 6 pure strikes out of 100.

If you’re currently on the cycling, running or gym bandwagon then get off. Get to the golf course and start playing!