The clothes to bring on a trek to Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Circuit

March 31, 2015

everest-base-camp-packing-listThe question of what to bring on a trek to Everest Base Camp or on the Annapurna Circuit is oft-asked. Your packing list must be carefully considered given that there will be a weight allowance when you fly to Lukla or Pokhara (see: // Many people make the mistake of bringing too much stuff: there is nothing worse than carting clothing and equipment around for two weeks at altitude and not making use of it. You will feel even worse if it is a porter doing the carting. So here is a list of clothing for this trek that assumes the adventure will last for slightly more than two weeks.

Outer layers

Middle layers

Base layers

Footwear, because your feet are critical here

And do not forget the inner and outer gloves and wooly hat.

Adhering to this list will allow you to be comfortable on your Everest Base Camp trek

You can find more information on the Everest Base Camp packing list and Annapurna Circuit packing list here:

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