Green web hosting – the basics

January 12, 2014

best-green-web-hostingEver wondered what green web hosting is?

This article gives a brief overview on the basics behind green web hosting. In particular, what it is and why I think you should consider switching to one of the best green web hosting companies for your organisation.

As you probably already know, web hosting takes a lot of energy to run – firstly there is the energy to run the massive data servers that web hosting companies use, and secondly there is the exorbitant amount of cooling required to keep the servers cool and running at all times.

The massive amount of energy used to power web hosting data servers takes its toll on the environment and results in significant greenhouse gas emissions – the nasties that are responsible for climate change.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. If you have a website you probably already use a hosting company to host your site.

Nowadays you can switch to a green hosting company.

These companies typically use energy off the grid to power their operations and then purchase between 100% and 300% of the equivalent energy from certified renewable sources. In doing so they offset their emissions one to three times as well as stimulate demand for renewables.

In the long run this type of economic activity will help drive the cost of renewables down and make them much more competitive with traditional fossil fuel sources.

If you already have a hosting package I think you should seriously consider switching to a green host company as it is quick and easy and comes with great benefits for your company.

The biggest and most obvious benefit of green web hosting is the reduction in emissions that you can claim against your organisational carbon footprint.

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint – this is an easy way to do it.

In addition you will get lost of positive marketing mileage out of saying to your customers and prospects that you use green web hosting. You can display your green web hosting badge on your website and if you are in the sustainable product online game this can be a great way to demonstrate to your customers what you are doing to reduce your emissions.

So in our opinion it is a no brainer. There is no additional cost, it is easy to switch the benefits in terms of marketing and reduction in your carbon footprint is profound.

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