Choosing A Beginner Golf Set – What I Went With (Eventually)

August 7, 2017

beginners-golfAs readers of this blog will know, I recently took up the game of golf. For the first few weeks I was super motivated and managed to get to the golf driving range about 10 times in the first month. But inevitably work and life has very much got in the way of my desire to play more frequently.

Nonetheless last month I seriously got back into the game and I have now purchased a complete set of beginner golf clubs.

In this post I want to take you through the process I went though in terms of deciding what golf clubs to get.

For those of you who are not familiar with golf, there are 14 golf clubs in a standard set. They start with the Driver and fairway woods and move all the way through a set of golf irons and a putter.

More advanced golfers generally build up their set by buying individual clubs that suit their game, but as a beginner I decided to go for a complete set. This has two main benefits: 1. it is a lot cheaper to get a complete set and is of course more efficient to buy, 2. beginner sets are perfectly designed for those just getting into the game.

callaway-strata-ultimate-18-pieceThe set I went with is the Callaway Strata 18-piece (which includes a cool golf bag and head covers for the driver and fairway woods).

I have now used the set twice on the range and once on the course and I must say it is really good. The driver is amazing. The head is constructed from titanium, which is brilliant for distance and forgiveness, and the head size is huge. The maximum 460cc.

The fairway woods have steel heads and are provided in two variations – a 3-wood and a 5-wood.

One of the best parts about the Callaway Strata golf set is the hybrid woods that come standard with the package. The hybrids replace the difficult-to-hit long irons of the 3-5 irons.

In terms of the irons in the set, they start at the 6 iron and go through to a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. The addition of a sand wedge was one of the key differentiators for me, as many of the beginner sets don’t come with a sand wedge. The irons are also brilliantly designed for beginner and intermediate golfers. When I started golf I really found it difficult to hit the rental irons I was using. The reason was because of the offset on the irons shaft hosel and the weighting system. Better golfers don’t need much offset to hit their irons, but when starting out a good amount of offset is really helpful. The Strata irons from Callaway are perfectly designed for beginner golfers and have a good amount of offset and great weight.

Finally the putter in the Callaway golf set is very good. It has a milled face and great feel. Together with my new beginner golf balls I managed to score my first birdie with this set!

So all in all I’m delighted with my new beginners golf set. I will no doubt keep you posted on how I get on!

Getting the right golf balls for my game

June 29, 2016

golf-balls-beginnersThe other day I decided I want to take up golf. All my mates have been talking about it and how much fun they have and all that jazz. Well I said I am going to give it a bash and actually get out the house for a change rather than sitting in front of the television all day. Surely golf can’t be that great and from what I hear only old people play golf!? It’s not a ‘young’ man’s sport! Let me find out for myself what the story is.

I drove to my nearest golf store and went to have a look at all the equipment on offer. Everything except actual golf balls of course. I don’t know how that’s possible to forget that considering that is what actually makes golf golf! After getting back home I decided I was not going to get in my car again so rather I googled “golf balls for beginners” and found this review. Now bear in mind in mind I had NO CLUE as to what kind of golf ball is best for me and whether hard or soft was best. Well Golf Assessor (see: // helped me tremendously by simplifying my process and within minutes I knew exactly what I wanted – and I haven’t even hit a golf ball yet. In my life. Ever!

Anyway true as Bob I set off to the driving range the next day in absolutely beautiful weather. Not a cloud in the sky and not a breath of wind. Hearing the birds tweeting in the trees alongside the tee box. Man I can get used to this! And would you know it, I am now the biggest golf fan out there and already a Tiger Woods fan. Even though he hardly even plays golf anymore! I bought 100 driving range balls to whack away into the blue yonder and I’ll be honest. About 90 of them were ‘whacked’ away into the blue water right in front of the practice tee, but. BUT. The other 10 I somehow found the clubface and only one of those the center of the clubface. And boy oh boy is this game all the better when you strike it! It makes me want to come back and try again the next day. Try and make it 5 or 6 pure strikes out of 100.

If you’re currently on the cycling, running or gym bandwagon then get off. Get to the golf course and start playing!

Golf Equipment Shopping Bonanza

May 6, 2016

golf-driving-rangeThis year I started playing golf. I was invited to the driving range with a mate back in December last year and immediately got into the challenge of getting the ball into the air – a task that is much harder than it looks. My many years of playing hockey certainly helped but it still takes some getting used to hitting a golf ball.

By the end of the session I was pretty good at getting the ball airborne but useless at directing it towards the target – something that is relatively key in golf!

After a few more lessons with my mate at the range I could sense that I was getting pretty good and decided I was ready to take my skills to the course. Suffice to say it was probably a little early. I think I nearly killed a golfing patron when I shanked my second of the 1st hole.

Things steadily improved though and by the end of the round I had actually scored a par!!!

Well, I have been hooked on the game since and this weekend I went a little nuts and splashed out on some new gear. I’ve bought a brand new standing golf bag, a set of shiny new irons and a great big bloody driver! It’s actually called a Great Big Bertha! man can I hit the screws out of this thing.

Now that I’m all kitted and looking the part I have decided to bite the bullet and join my local club. All I need now is a handicap and I will officially be a golfer!

Quick shout out to the guys ad gals at Golf Assessor for sorting me out with gear. The reviews and recommendations where really helpful.

I look forward to seeing the chaps from the driving range on the course this weekend – planning to break 90 so you better have your A game on.

Yours in golf! Laters!