Go Green Ideas – Simple Ideas, Big Impact

January 14, 2014

go-green-ideasAre you thing of going green at work?

These go green ideas will hopefully give you some inspiration and food for though. However, before we look at some go green ideas it is worth mentioning why it makes great sense to go green at work.

There are four reasons why a company should go green. Have a read of this go green initiative.

1. You can quickly find energy and resource savings and therefore save money on your bottom. You’ll be amazed at the inefficiencies you can find in your operation in terms of energy and resource use. Most companies overspend on energy by 5-10% because of laziness.

2. With solid green credentials you can market yourself to customers and prospects and differentiate yourself from the competition. Green marketing is a great tool to help win and retain business, particularly when it comes to responding to tenders and customer inquiries.

3. You can use your green initiatives to engage staff and make them feel proud of the organisation they work for because of the awesome go green ideas that you have implement.

4. Go green ideas in a business is really just the right thing to be focusing on. As a business you have a responsibility to the environment and go green ideas are a great way to demonstrate that you are taking that responsibility seriously.

So what go green ideas can you implement in your business that don’t cost the earth to implement and are practical and effective to get of the ground.

Here are three. This article gives 25 detailed go green ideas.

1. Reduce energy consumption by switching energy inefficient lights for efficient alternatives. For example you can switch out your old 50 watt halogen bulbs for either a lower watt bulb, say 35 watt, or indeed a LED bulb which come in 5-10 watt alternatives

2. Run a proactive switch off campaign with staff to get them to switch off computers at night and lights in rooms that are not being used

3. Implement a comprehensive recycling scheme that results in near 100% recycling rates. remove personal bins and replace them with segregated waste bins.

So what’s stopping you get started today and see the very real impact going green can have on your business.