Environmental Policy Template – The Basics

January 13, 2014

environmental-policy-templateIf you are thinking of going green at work the first and best place to start is in formulating an environmental policy.

An environmental policy sets the strategic direction for your company in terms of improved environmental performance and also sets out how you plan to measure and monitor performance over time.

It is a critical document that is often overlooked or not taken seriously. This is a shame as a good environmental policy template can set you apart from competitors and help you make real savings in terms of carbon and money in your business.

A robust environmental policy template is also super helpful when it comes to responding to tenders or requests from clients that want to know what you policy towards the environment is. Without a good environmental policy you risk losing valuable work and also losing the trust of customers and potentially staff.

To setup an environmental policy you should consult the senior management in an organisation and ensure that their is senior leadership buy-in. The document itself only needs to be one A4 page but what you include in it needs to hold true, be relevant and actionable. Using an environmental policy template is the easiest way to ensure compliance with international standards. Failure to meet best practice can mean that procurement bodies that assess environmental policy recognize that yours is not up to standard and therefore you lose potential work.

In the policy you should include information about who you are as a business – i.e. what you do. You should also state how you intend to measure, manage and monitor your environmental performance. Outline your key objectives and the aims that you wish to achieve.

You should also outline any legislation that impacts your organisation in terms of duty of care to the environment.

Use facts and figures wherever possible to demonstrate what you are doing and ensure your environmental policy is signed by the most senior executive at the company. The policy should be widely communicate inside and out the organisation and it should be reviewed at least once a year.

To find out more on environmental policy templates and how you can quickly and effectively set one up for yourself have a look at this excellent environmental policy guide.